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Since 2018, RTC was engaged as a supplier with Australian all female rideshare Shebah as freelance content creators.


Our efforts, in collaboration with their marketing agency, increased growth in revenue and customer acquisition to 8% month-on-month. RTC was able to work with team producing an array of work across multiple mediums including social tiles, EDMS, website copy, open letters, press releases and more - all stemming from the Shebah's value of "empowering" both women and their freedom.


Shebah enjoy working with RTC so much they commissioned larger digital video content pieces that addressed bringing to life Shebah's most important asset: their dedicated and passionate community. RTC proposed doing dramatic, cinematic customer and driver testimonials tied around the hashtags #IDriveWithShebah and #IRideWithShebah that not only further humanised the brand, and strengthened their community ties but was utilised in their public equity cap raise on Birchall (2019) in which they were able to achieve Australia's highest public equity raise at $3M, beating out fintech star Xinja ($2.6M) as quoted in The Australian.

Shebah also engaged RTC to work out of their bounds in extra capacity roles such as organising and negotiating media partnerships as they were overworked and needed strategic expertise.

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