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Rattle the Cage was engaged to create engaging content surrounding the differences within AGL's current persona work; however, in going over their research - and having deeply immersed ourselves in their commercial objectives - we were able to propose focusing on a 'humanisation' of their data. We began by creating a completely new and creative insights piece, outside of the proposed brief, which we then produced a mock-up of. These rich persona pieces were ecstatically received by their Insights team and in their CMO's words, they had "never seen anything like it before". 


AGL, like many businesses, is keen to move towards a customer-centric culture, and though their research pieces are informative and in-depth, they lack connectivity.

While it’s interesting to read that millennials enjoy using their digital devices, it doesn’t tell us in what context they do it in, why they enjoy it and what hinders them from utilising AGL’s app to monitor their energy usage. In order to achieve this “bridge” between insight and execution, we used each data point to bring to life a customer “character” who lives and breathes each data point but with a believable, authentic story that ties together how and why they live the way they do.


By bringing them to life, internal staff can engage with a fully realised person, instead of a disparate statistic or factsheet. The stories also engage staff to relate, interact and immerse themselves in a “customer” and thereby better understand them and how it can improve their work remit in relation to said customer. For example, their UX team, who in the past has felt quite alienated from their customer base, has started to use these personas to better understand their "user" in order to develop more intuitive frameworks for their current digital devices.


Further to this, by immersing the personas heavily in data, it is easy for partner comms agencies (comms, creative, PR, media) to utilise the personas to create brand campaigns, social media content stories, smart media placement and more. In addition to their use, the marketing team, including the CMO, is interested in launching them internally alongside their current objective of a national brand customer-centric pivot.

We are grateful to be able to work with the AGL team to deliver fresh content that is able to be used for many purposes, and delivers to multiple greater business objectives. This has led to ongoing work for our business, a new revenue stream and enhanced our reputation as human-insights and creative storyteller innovators.

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